Get the Glow You Desire from Time To Tan

Get the Glow You Desire from Time To Tan

Tanning services in Oneonta, New York

Ready to get your tan on? You don’t have to go far to get a radiant glow. Time To Tan offers both UV and non-UV tanning options for individuals who want beautiful, glowing skin. No matter the occasion or time of year, Time To Tan is ready to help you get the look you desire.

Our Oneonta tanning salon is open seven days a week. We also have a designated and supervised children’s area, so you can take care of your tanning needs without distraction. Take a glance at what we offer below, then contact us with any questions.

UV tanning options

Time To Tan has numerous 12-minute UV tanning units (power beds) available. Now, we also provide brand new 15-minute tanning beds with bronzing bulbs. This provides you with more UVA than UVB, which penetrates deeper. Our staff constantly maintains our beds to ensure your safety.

Of course, UV tanning can provide a deeper, stronger “base” tan for those wanting a long-lasting, darker appearance. But UV light can provide a wide range of other benefits, including increased vitamin D levels and an overall improved mood.

Those who choose UV tanning often prefer it over natural sunlight, because it is quicker and reduces the risk of overexposure. If you’re interested in UV tanning in Oneonta, contact us today.

Non-UV tanning options

If you still want that bronzed glow without the sun exposure of a tanning bed, you can rely on our spray tanning services. Time To Tan provides hand-sprayed, airbrush tanning in Oneonta, NY. Our healthy formula will give you the tone you desire in no time at all.

Time To Tan is happy to provide you with the tanning solution that works best for your needs. To get started, come visit our Oneonta tanning salon today or call (607) 432-6080.

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